Grass Fed Beef Oxtail

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Our grandparents relished Oxtail, but it fell from favour for a while and is only now making a well deserved comeback.

Packing a huge nutritious thwack, our 100% Grass Fed Beef Oxtail is packed with gelatinous goodies like marrow and collagen. Surprisingly meaty, Oxtail makes stews of unparalleled richness, with the collagen melting away to make thick, delicious gravy.

Cooked super slow, the meat will fall off the bone so there’s no fussing needed. For such a versatile and intensely delicious cut our Grass Fed Oxtail is excellent value.

Weights vary. Each oxtail weighs a minimum of 750g.

Super delicious with a nourishing kick to boot, it’s no surprise that our Grass Fed Oxtail has won a number of awards over the years, including the prestigious 1 Star in the Great Taste Awards.

“Impressive looking oxtail that slips cleanly off the bone.”

“Soft melting texture and deep oxtail flavour – rich and flavoursome meat”

The Grass Fed Beef Oxtail Box includes

  • Properly grass fed meat
  • Native breed Devon Red Rubies
  • Slowly reared on small scale family farms
  • 100% grass fed and grass finished
  • Hung on the bone for 4 weeks to enhance the depth of flavour
Weight 15 kg


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